Thursday, March 13, 2014

Is It Summer Time?

Strolling down the alley in the backyard (yes it takes me a while to stroll)

I'm almost there. Jeez.

I realized that we really didn't have much of a winter.
Mama didn't have to put my raincoat on me too much.

The nice spring/summer weather gives me one more reason 
to snuggle with Mama and take a snooze.

Oh oh oh you gotta meet my new little cousin Stoney. Isn't she the cutest?

It's Uncle Shawn's daughter that he always wished he had.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Lei smells so pretty

A few months ago Mama and Uncle Edgar went to Uncle Saichi's Kapalakiko I Ke Aloha Fundraiser in Newark, CA. Mama said it was a fun filled evening.<

This is the lei that Uncle Edgar gave to Mama. Isn't it purrrrty!!!

Thank you Uncle Edgar!

Monday, January 6, 2014

OMG Where Has the Time Gone!!

OMG my last post was almost a year ago...well last post was back in March!! Mama has been very busy with the Nihonmachi Street Fair and the Aloha by the Bay Music Series and had no time to post any happenings about moi!

Well I'd like to share with you some photos taken in 2013.

Mama, Dad and I wish you all a Happy New Year. 

It's suppose to the be year of the Horse. But in my head every year is the year of the Dog! Woof Woof!!

40th Annual Nihonmachi Street Fair 

That's me on the MUNI bus shelter!! Thank you Bruce Qualls, Mari Hayward, & Jacqueline Piccini of Clear Channel Outdoor for your support! Also special thanks to Viva Mogi too!

That's cousin Tubby on the Nihonmachi Street Fair poster. Don't ya just love it! He was on many billboards throughout the City. 

And that's cousin Bonanza on the MUNI buses! Huge thank you to Mark DeAnda of SFMTA!!

Uncle Will took this picture of me at the Street Fair. Yup you all remember that hat Mama got me. Everyone wanted to take pictures with me. 

The lovely 2013 Cherry Blossom Queen and her Court leading the 2nd Doggie World Parade! This year the Nihonmachi Street Fair highlighted the Friends of Animal Care & Control. Gotta love everything that they do to help my peeps.

Birthday Present 2013

My chan chan ko jacket keeps me very very warm. Mama says I look good in pink.
Actually the pink one was on sale. Mama sucka for sales ya know.

Thanksgiving 2013

Mama said I looked like a turkey waiting to be basted. The nerve.

Christmas 2013

Christmas present from Mama. My new cool satin (yes satin) embroidered jacket.

Another year being loved by my Mama. Life is good.

Friday, March 22, 2013

WHOA Dat is a Big Bear

Whoa what dat Mama???

Dat be Kuma-chan. My cousin so Mama says. He's Uncle Roji's new baby boy.
Yup BABY. He is only 1-1/2 years old.

Kuma means Bear in Japanese. And he's one BIG BEAR!!!
Look at his paws....

Aren't they HUMUNGUS!!! I can fit 3 of my paws in there.

I must admit I was a bit scared at first, but I got use to him. He's so big how can you not notice him anyways.

Kuma checked out my living room bed but figured out himself that he could not fit into it.

Instead he sprawled out on the couch and even that was a bit small.

Kuma-chan is a good boy and he'll be coming over from time to time again.

Oooh Mama got to take my Jiichan to the World Baseball Classics at AT&T Park to root on Team Japan. Unfortunately they did not win, but they got to be part of a once in a lifetime event not only for San Francisco, but for Jiichan. Here he is proudly singing the Japanese anthem...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Is Mama carrying a Baby???

OMG I saw this picture of Mama carrying a baby!

I was thinking when did this kid come to our home!!!
How could this have happened without me knowing??
I started to panic!

I thought for sure I would become second fiddle to that little person.

Then Mama showed me the next photo...

My BAD, it was moi heh-heh.
Mama reassured me that I AM THE ONLY BABY in this household.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Droooling Over Madelines

Mama was teasing me cause I was drooling over the Madelines. Mama's FaceBook friends know that I just love meez some Sugar Bowl Madelines.

Anyway back to the teasing...she got me on film again. This time with some drool coming out of the corner of my mouth.  I can't help it Mama. You're the one who always wipes my drools for me.

I know you'll laugh. I'm already red with embarrassment.

BTW Santa's UPS Elf Man delivered Tubby & Bonanaza's "Chilly Dog" sweaters today.
Uncle Will Lee (he's a photographer) will be doing a fashion photo shoot of the 3 of us. I'll let you know when and where.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Santa's Gift Has Arrived!

Santa sent an elf named UPS man to deliver my Christmas gift cause he caught a bad cold at the tail end of his deliveries on Christmas eve.

What dya think?

I just love it.

It's very warm ya know.

Uncle Kyle (Tatsumoto) I really do love my clothes.

I know it sometimes doesn't look like it, but I do!

Thank you Santa for my new Chilly Monkey Sweater. I hope you feel better soon!

Tubby & Bonanza's Mamas (Aunties Pat & Leah) thought it was really cute too.
Mama asked Santa if he can send his elf UPS man one for them too.

We'll be sporting them in Jtown soon. Look out for us.

3 Little Monkeys all dressed in brown, trying to get to heaven on the end of kite,
but the kite string got broken so they all fell instead of going to heaven they went to....

OH and a Happy New Year to you All!

Welcome to Teppei Boy!

Teppei is the name of our boy. Ok ok he is a pug, but to me and my husband he is our little boy. He's brought so much joy into our lives and continues to entertain us with his facial expressions that say so much. And that is why I have started this blog, to share with you Teppei's photos and what he's wanting to say.

I'm hoping to chronicle his life here so that you can see how much this little boy means to us.

Now without further a do...My Teppei Boy